Mystic's Temp / Mod Application

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Mystic's Temp / Mod Application

Post by Mystic on Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:00 pm

1) Age: 17

2)What do you think being a Mod is?: Being a moderator is like any other staff member, except, Moderators don't have access to most powers, most of the time they only have warning and MAYBE a kick power. A moderator is simply a staff member to help solve little problems such as RDM, NLR, FDA.

3)Have you Read all the rules?: Yes. :3

4)When did you Join this Server?: I just joined xD (But technically I've been with you guys since Derp sooo...)

5)Whos your favorite admin/super/owner?: Frnk & John Gotti.

6) Give 2 Sentences about you're self and why you want to become an admin.: I'm playful. I like to joke around and have fun with everyone. But that does not mean I will abuse my powers. To be quite frank, I know when to draw the line on most things. I want to become an admin because I feel like I could help make the server a better place to play and have fun!


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